Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago

, Kyiv 20:16

Adoption of Ukrainian children


We express our sincere appreciation to the adopters for adopting a citizen of Ukraine and hope to find understanding on the need to comply with the legislation of Ukraine

Consular Registration of Adopted Ukrainian Children

In accordance with Ukrainian Law, the Consulate General of Ukraine should include your child (children) adopted in Ukraine into the list of Ukrainian citizens permanently residing in the USA.

In order to complete an appropriate paperwork you must mail to the Consular Office the following documents:

1. Filled application (example);

2. Filled registration form (example);

3. Your child (children)'s original Ukraine passport(s) and the copy of the pages of this passport(s);

4. The copy of the second and third pages of the US passport(s) of adoptive parents;

5. An original and a copy of the Ukrainian Court's Decree on adoption (in Ukrainian)

6. 1 passport-size photo.

Please include a return self-addressed postage-paid envelope (for FedEx - account number is required; credit card number is not acceptable).

Failure to submit all required documents may result in a delayed registration.

In case you change your place of residence, you are also requested to inform the Consulate General.

Please be sure to send your child’s registration documents to the Consulate that has jurisdiction over the district of your residence:

Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine (States of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia). Address: 3350 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007 E-mail: Phone: 202-349-2948

Consulate-General of Ukraine in New York (States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont). Address: 240 East 49 St, New York, NY 10017 E-mail:

Consulate-General of Ukraine in Chicago (States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin). Address: 10 East Huron St, Chicago, IL 60611 E-mail:

Consulate-General of Ukraine in San Francisco (States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada , New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming). Address: 530 Bush St, suite 402, San Francisco, CA 94108-3623 E-mail:

Annual Post-Placement Report on Adopted Child from Ukraine

The Ukrainian legislation requires adoptive parents to provide information about the adopted child's living conditions and educational progress to the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago annually during the first three years following the adoption and once every three years thereafter, until the child's 18th birthday.

The Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago will be grateful for your detailed reports about adopted child's (children's) development and pictures of your family.

The form of annual report on adopted child from Ukraine you can find here.

To facilitate communication, the reports can be forwarded via e-mail to: or can be sent by mail to the Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine at 10 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611. All reports must be signed by parents.

We express our sincere appreciation to those parents, who adopted  Ukrainian child (children) and hope to find understanding on the need to comply with the legislation of Ukraine and complete all post-adoption requirements in a timely manner.