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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine released the 2016 action plan

15 March 2016, 23:41

 The Government has released the 2016 action plan of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


The core of the plan covers 379 very specific, substantive tasks that must be run jointly by the Government, the Parliament and the President. Each task includes activities easy to understand, responsible performers, deadlines and expected results.


The first priority in the Government’s action plan is an independent European Ukraine which includes the scheduled steps to introduce a visa-free regime with the EU, strengthen national security and defense, reintegration of Crimea and Donbas. The realization of mechanisms of an efficient state envisages measures to reform public administration, combat corruption, e-governance, create a system of state strategic communications.


The second priority is decentralization as a strategy for national success that provides for the creation of an effective system of regional development, legislative support for the decentralization process, the availability and quality of administrative services, the formation of capable communities as well as their sustainable development and public control over local authorities.


The next priority is care for everyone. It involves the task of creating an effective network of educational institutions, updating of education content, introduction of new standards of medicine, update of the public procurement system of medicines, European standards in the field of labor as well as pension system reform.


The fourth and last priority - favorable business environment that provides for tax reform, the transfer of all state services in electronic format, privatization of state-owned enterprises, development of infrastructure, support for exporters and land reform.


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