Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago

, Kyiv 20:42

Ambassador Valeriy Chaly met with US-Ukraine Business Council

18 January, 00:48

Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valeriy Chaly met with representatives of the leading American aerospace, agricultural, energy, Hi-Tech and IT companies – members of the US-Ukraine Business Council.

In the discussion, Ambassador informed participants of the meeting about reform progress in Ukraine as well as presented further Government’s steps toward improvement of business climate in Ukraine. In particular, Valeriy Chaly underlined Ukraine’s commitment to go forward with the reform implementation, including further deregulation, liberalization of legislation on currency, improvement of procurement system, and establishment of the High Anticorruption Court.

The Ambassador paid special attention to new investment opportunities in Ukraine with regards to adoption by the Parliament of a law on privatization today. According to Valeriy Chaly, rising Ukraine’s economy creates additional impulse for business cooperation with the United States, launching new projects and extending existing operations.

Participants of the meeting agreed on real prospects for further US-Ukraine cooperation in 2018 and discussed some certain initiatives to be implemented this year in Ukraine.

Representatives of US business noted that they see Ukraine as a promising market and look forward to doing more business in our country.