Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago

Kyiv 13:01

Joint Statement of the President of Ukraine and the President of the Republic of Slovenia on the terrorist attacks in Paris

14 November 2015, 18:11

We are deeply shocked and saddened with a series of the terrorist attacks, which took place in Paris last night. It proves that the war against international terrorism is still far from being over.

This outrageous strike in the heart of Paris has been aimed at not only killing hundreds of peaceful civilians and frightening millions of Europeans but also challenging the core European values and multiethnic peace.

Although the epicenter of the latest terrorist attack is now located in Paris, it echoes in every corner of the civilized world. In these difficult moments Ukraine and Slovenia mourn together with the French nation for terrible losses and express sincere solidarity with victims and their families.  

We believe that the terrorist threat to international peace must be decisively and swiftly tackled by strong consolidated response of the global community. There should also be a clear-cut preventive message to those, who support or encourage in any way the terrorist organizations and activities. We call on the G20 leaders to agree upon inclusive set of measures to address the increasing security challenge. Ukraine and Slovenia are ready to join the global anti-terrorist response.

The United Nations should play a decisive role in this endeavor. In this regard, we reiterate a just call for adoption of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism and the setting up of the International Day of Commemoration of Memory of the Victims of Terrorist Acts.

The time is working against us. Any further delay or inefficient campaigns could cost us too much. Nobody is safe against terrorism. Now we as never before need global unity and consolidation in our struggle.

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Concert permormed by the Chicago symphonic orchestra led by Ukrainian conductor Kirill Karabits | 12 October, 06:08

On the 10th of October Chicago witnessed the tremendous success of the concert performed by the Chicago symphonic orchestra led by the famous Ukrainian conductor Kirill Karabits. The concert was followed by the reception and the photo exhibition “Impressive Ukraine” organized by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the assistance of the Kyiv Committee Chicago Sister Cities International. Maestro Karabits was born in Ukraine. He is the principle conductor of the UK Orchestra. In 2013 he received the prestigious musical award of the Royal Philharmonic Society. The Consul General of Ukraine Larysa Gerasko addressed the welcoming speech to the representatives of the diplomatic corps, Chicago authorities, Ukrainian community, the musicians and the other guests of the event.In her speech the Consul General emphasized the importance of promoting the Ukrainian culture, which will deepen and improve perception of Ukraine and its cultural heritage abroad. Ukraine does its best to popularize its culture, art and music. For his part Kirill Karabits expressed his gratitude to Ukraine and noted great contribution of the Ukrainian art to the world cultural heritage and developing Ukrainian state. The following day after the concert musical critic Howard Reich in the columns of the most-read daily newspaper “Chicago Tribune” designate Maestro’s performance as impressive. We are sincere thankful any and all who shared with us this night with Ukrainian spirit.  

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