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Reforming of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine planned to complete by the end of 2018

30 March 2016, 23:11

 Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak announced at the Government meeting on March 30 about plans to finalize retrofitting of the Ministry he chairs by the end of 2018, basing on the principles of NATO nations.


Stepan Poltorak reminded that among the achievements of 2015 were the preparations for a thorough reform of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. "This year was determined as a year of stabilization and resuming operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We increased military personnel twofold, created a new system of command of troops, founded special operations forces, conducted other events that have created the preconditions for the transition to the active phase of the reform", said the Minister.


Also last year, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine prepared all the defence planning documents which form the basis of reforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, founded the Committee of Reforms of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. In 2016, the Ministry moved to the active phase of reforming.


"The reforming the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being carried and based on the principles of NATO nations. We did everything in cooperation with advisers of the NATO nations, volunteers, and scientists. They are members of the Committee of Reforms which started its activities on March 11. Our aim is to reform the Ministry of Defence till the end of 2018, and we’ll complete the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine till the end of 2020”, stressed Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

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